About Black Pearl Dive Center

Operates in beutiful village of Jelsa on the northen side of the island Hvar. Diving center is located in the haeart of Jelsa near Austro-Hungarian hotel Jadran.

Black Pearl diving center offers all types of diving serveces: PADI courses and diving trips, cave diving, wall diving, night diving.

Center is equipped with modern diving equipment of highest quality and  compressor BAUER 250 L. The diving center has at its disposal 10/15-liter  and 10/12-liter cylinders. The diving center has one 8-meter boat can service up to 10 divers per diving session.

Experienced and trained personnel of two diving instructors and two dive masters take care of divers and their safety in planning and execution of diving.

Each year the diving season at Diving Center Jelsa starts on 1st of June and ends on 1st of October. Outside the diving season, diving depends on the interest of clients and can be arranged accordingly.